Boxing And Prejudice! By Jr The Sportsman

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December 13, 2017
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Boxing And Prejudice! By Jr The Sportsman

Mike Tyson will forever be known as the best knock out machine in any boxing discussion period. He was the youngest heavy weight champion at the age of 20 years old. There were other great boxers like Muhammad Ali, Jack Johnson and Joe Louis. Jack Johnson was the first black heavy weight champion in 1908. He had to have mental toughness and watch his every move because when he would win against white boxers hate groups would kill some black people in towns because they were celebrating.  This hero fought in the era of the Jim crow laws a time when black people were getting hung from trees and shot. To be honest many black people were under major restrictions of trying to live and make it, not to mention the poverty conditions. Society black balled Jack Johnson and his title was viewed as lesser value because he was a man of color and it was his title. He made the so called great white hope look foolish when he fought against them. Promoters would try their best to fix fights and make sure he didn’t win. In his prime it was impossible to beat this giant of a man, but he finally lost when he became older and out of shape. That was the only time any man could ever beat him. The boxing organizers would go on and banned black boxers for 22 years because of Jack Johnson’s success.  Jack Johnson was a stylish man whom lived like a rock star sleeping with many white women. After doing my research he was a century ahead of his time with his attitude and glow.  He made lots of enemies that wanted him dead or broke. His total wins were 73 with 40 knockouts.


 Joe Louis had 66 wins to only 3 losses which was outstanding. The media down played many great accomplishments that the black stars were displaying physically. He was praised nationwide, but he could not eat in a white restaurant or use a bathroom unless it was a colored one. That was the reality for early pioneers. Muhammad Ali was everyone’s hero. I respect him more than any other athlete because of his work outside of the ring. He carried himself with integrity and stood up for all people. He was entertaining and magnificent and will eternally be remembered for his civil rights work.  

 My generation of heavy weight champions like no other Mike Tyson has been taken for granted in my opinion. Many experts short changed his work of dismantling people like he did. He was like a disaster in real society but a genius inside of a boxing ring. The rich paid big money just to see him fight. I believe Muhammad Ali would have lost to Mike Tyson though the biggest difference in that match up would have been the power of Mike Tyson. The only advantage Ali would have had against Mike Tyson was to out think him. Mike Tyson’s record was 50 wins 44 knockouts and 6 losses. He was never the same after the underdog Buster Douglass defeated him, but I believe Mike Tyson is the best boxer of all time. He made poor decisions in his life that has tarnished his legacy. Many black athletes had to play in their own leagues. To be honest black athletes had to have patients because without patients it would have been impossible to make it in the sports world, but boxing at least did give some opportunities. I visited the African American museum in Washington D.C in 2017 and I took a closer look at the best fighters of the past. The boxing gloves and artifacts was amazing.  

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  1. Jean Cucchi says:

    Great piece!!!!

  2. Derek martin says:

    Great piece lots of history and little publicized stuff in the article very informative and took lots of research

  3. Kyle Ralston says:

    Never heard of Jack Johnson. Sounds like a beast !!! Still think alike in his prime would have taken Tyson. And George foreman might have taken Tyson down too. Just my opinion.

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