Donald Trump Is Evil! by JrTheSportsman

September 15, 2017
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October 26, 2017
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Donald Trump Is Evil! by JrTheSportsman

Donald Trump is the president of the United States but is he is a devil in disguise? He has done nothing but helped divide our country and racism is on the rise and becoming more mainstream every day.
Donald Trump insulted blacks and other athletes in the NFL by saying, “if they kneel and disrespect our American flag, owners should fire them son of a bitches”.
My first reaction to this nonsense was Donald Trump and his powerful supporters were trying to use the flag as a distraction. There have been years of murder, rape, lynching and Jim Crow laws that oppress black people and Donald Trump don’t care about minorities. He is supported by rich racists just like himself. The only difference is he is the president of the United States. He challenged billionaire NFL owners to act as if they were modern day plantation owners. He demanded the owners make the athletes acknowledge a flag that supposed to represent justice for all.     
I love all people of color including white people because honestly you have a lot of good white people who care just like I do. It will be wrong to say that all white people are hateful and that they support Donald Trump. There are white people fighting the good fight by marching and protesting the injustice that plagues this country.
I believe this man is the Anti-Christ which the bible speaks about. He wants to divide and conquer on earth and good people of the world we must keep fighting together and keep protesting in a peaceful loving way.
People please understand that this protest is not about disrespecting our American flag. We love this country just like you do! Black people have been protesting for real freedom going all the way back to the 1600s when the first slaves arrived in Virginia.
The police brutality is real and our broken justice system was never designed to help blacks or other minorities. The government of the United States created laws and Donald Trump back up police killing of innocent black people. I would like to see more laws changed to help give people of color a sense of having a chance to live a decent life.
Sports has no color, I love sports it brings everyone together. Athletes like Mickey Mantle was a great baseball player and he was a white man. I loved reading about him and seeing the HBO special on him. I also love Willie Mays a great centerfielder. The point I’m trying to make is, sports in America is the only true starting point for us to bond at a game. We’re all cheering for our team, hugging and giving high fives. I see sports fans not black or white fans, just people enjoying the game. Now Donald Trump is trying to divide us at the football game. We are already separated in our neighborhoods, schools and church, so for the love of our sports in America we must protect our games from this uninvited gesture from our president.
The problems of our country have been going on long before Donald Trump arrived in office. This war on our love and respect for one another is becoming a war of hate and divide. I do feel that there are some positive things came out of the devil Donald Trump rampage against our peaceful protest. The positive is this, look at the man in the mirror and try to show more love and listen to what other people are trying to say in their ongoing battle to fight injustice. I challenge every human to become more loving and united no matter your race, education or background. Some NFL owners donated 1 million dollars to Donald Trump campaign. This tells me, they the owner of those teams rather protect their money and the athlete is just a product that can be replaced. I would say that some owners do care about their players but the main thing is the money and the prestige of being an NFL owner. So now you have the Satan in the flesh Donald Trump trying to spread he’s good boy hate into our great American sports.
We should stand together black and white and unite not fuss or fight over a symbol the American flag. I respect good police not the bad ones. I respect soldiers that have fought and died in war past and present. This protest is not about the military who fight for our freedom to protest. It is about police brutality around the country and the broken system not caring!
My radio show is coming out soon. A big part of why it’s even happening is because I live in a great country built on freedom, freedom to go after my dreams of being a radio personality. We cannot run away from our issues of racism. Everyday there are injustices on minorities. I can get shot and killed for being a black man. I can get shot and killed for walking in the park. I can get shot in killed going in the wrong county in my state.
People, this is 2017 and many people still live their lives in fear of being a black man or black woman. This is our reality. Good people of the world try to work on acknowledging what is going on, please don’t pretend like white supremacist and white privileges don’t exist. I hope and pray Donald trump gets impeached, he needs to go right now! This man is beyond a cancer, he is an evil person trying to influence hate and destruction, not only the USA but the entire world.
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