Jake Fromm: Is The New Star Of The Georgia Bulldogs! by Jr The Sportsman

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Jake Fromm: Is The New Star Of The Georgia Bulldogs! by Jr The Sportsman

Kirby Smart era is just beginning his second year as the Georgia Bulldog coach, the former Georgia Bulldog player and coach under Nick Saban is a great early investment. He has bought Alabama’s influence, toughness, high expectations and past championships mindset to Athens. Smart is reshaping Georgia football in every way. With another wave of elite talent for 2018 and beyond, Kirby smart could win coach of the year award this year.

Jacob Eason injured his knee in the first game of the season opener against Appalachian State and Jake Fromm replaced him and the rest is history. He has been over looked and that is not right! Fromm was look at as an after thought but that is slowly changing. The kid has great talent and he is holding his own in the SEC east.  He is a college freshman sensation! Though many people were so caught up in the hype with last year Five Star true freshmen Jacob Eason, I can understand the love affair for this stud he has an NFL arm the height of intelligence and pure talent.

 In Jake Fromm first game, he would get tested right away at Notre Dame on prime time TV. This was the first sign of if he was ready or could he handle the big stage. He helped contribute to the big win against Notre Dame.  The bulldogs won 20 to 19, and Jake Fromm stats were 16 of 29 for 141 yards with 1 TD and 1 INT. The only way any player will get better is with time and experience. Many players and media pundits continue to over look this young man. His ability of raw talent has helped lead his team to a 9- 0 start and now the Georgia Bulldogs are ranked number 1 in the nation. Jake Fromm inherited a stable of good running backs. The Bulldog roster is full of talent up and down with pure talent.  He deserves credit for his maturity and his coaches have done a great job with calling plays that he can execute. Jake Fromm has made some great plays and he has surprising mobility.  He has a total of 15 throwing touchdowns and only 4 INT. I love that people doubt him but I’m sure that his teammates have his back!  He is in control and I love it! 

Georgia has a balanced offense in college football today. Alabama and Georgia have run over the SEC making most teams look like a junior high school team, blowing other teams out!  They are very alike both teams are physical and strong but Alabama has dominated football for years and Jake Fromm will have his chance to beat the best team in America soon when they meet up in the SEC championship game in Atlanta. Jake Fromm is not a lot of things but a true freshman he is, a winner who plays with so much heart.

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