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October 1, 2017
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OJ Simpson: Hero Or Monster? by Jr The Sportsman



OJ Simpson made his mark on the world by becoming a superstar in the NFL. They called him the juice. In 1973 he became the first running back to rush for over 2,000 yards in a single season. He won multiple awards including the Heisman trophy and MVP award for the NFL. He broke Jim brown’s rushing record of 1,863 yards at that time, making him a certified Super Star living the life of a king. He was in a new world with no limits, a new world where he could do or have anything he wanted.  The brother was no fool he was not only talented on the field but a force off the field as well. He had great people skills and lots of confidence to go along with it. He was loved by black and white people. Everyone admired him, he was a millionaire coming from poverty and now famous.

  OJ Simpson had lots of money but his greatest win was having powerful friends who were mostly white who invited him into their privilege world. He became a movie star and quickly forgot he was a black man. He wrapped himself in this white world. You could find him on the golf course making business deals with friends whom he was loyal and committed to.  The brother made himself an untouchable playground for sex, drugs, and money. He transformed in to a white man living in a brown skin, never standing up for justice for the ordinary black American only thinking of himself.

The juice worked hard for his success but sold his soul long time ago because his integrity wasn’t real. He wore many faces.  He was a monster for years even before being accused of killing his Ex-wife and her friend and millions of black people looked up to the former great and many still love him.  The sad fact is OJ Simpson never cared about black people. He loves his mother and family though but not the ordinary black person. In his crazy mind I guess he feels like he’s better. I admired him on the football field. I just couldn’t get pass of how such of an Uncle Tom he had become, an elite black coon. He was accepted in the white man world because of his status as a super athlete nothing more. Most black athletes get accepted because of envy and people enjoy their ability to entertain us.

 You see people love to be around winners and OJ Simpson was a winner. He was charming and smart. He was considered a safe black man to most white people.  He loved him some beautiful white women even though his first wife was an African American woman whom he had a son and a daughter with. These white women OJ Simpson dated were blonde hair and blue eyes and usually had a drug addiction. Fast forward to the time he met Nicole Simpson, she was only 18 years old a very beautiful blond white girl with her entire life a head of her. Nicole was a waitress at a private club in Beverly Hills.  The power of money and influence sucked Nicole Simpson in to a life of unlimited luxuries but it came with a price. People first let me say this if OJ Simpson was just a normal 9 to 5 black man, Nicole Simpson probably wouldn’t have given him the time of day. The pair got married in 1985 and many reports that the Juice use to abuse her right from the very start. Nicole Simpson had a history of making emergency calls to 911 because of OJ beating her. He manipulated and abused her all the time. There were many red flags surrounded their marriage and the Los Angeles California police department protected him for years. People have a right to love who they love. Even today white beauty queens and model professionals will not deal with the average black man. Most of them only deal with black actors, athletes and entertainers. I will be honest some of these white women are some of the most beautiful women in the world.

 In 1994 OJ Simpson rocked the entire planet when Nicole Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman was found dead in a pool of blood at her home in Beverly Hills. They were murdered on June 12,1994 and the killings looked personal. I believe OJ Simpson killed those people. Still on this present day I believe OJ is a monster. The former superstar thought he could get away with murder and he did. OJ Simpson was charged with murder and hired the best attorneys that money can buy. During the trial he was quickly reminded that he was a black man. His trial was watched all over the country and our nation was divided. The coverage was bigger than the Super Bowl and World Series combined. White people believed he was guilty and even some black people thought he was guilty but wanted him to win the trial. His lawyer Johnny Cochran famous line was if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit, and the jury found OJ Simpson not guilty on two counts of murder. After he was found not guilty the pot was boiling hot and over flowing with hate and anger. Some of his white powerful friends threw him away like morning trash. Black people was very happy with the outcome because our justice system had been unfair for so long and my people finally felt like we had finally beat the system but did we really? No! OJ Simpson beat the system.

 After doing 9 years for another crime he committed OJ Simpson is now released from prison. In my opinion I think he still should be in prison. He is back on the scene picking up where he left off living the high life chasing white women. At some point OJ will get back to earning money. A hero to many people but in my book, he will always be a monster.   What kind of man goes on the run if he was not guilty? I will tell you a true evil hearted person. Let’s no longer celebrate a football great, let us tell the truth but what is the truth?  OJ Simpson will all ways be a Hall of Famer and a murderer in my opinion. I don’t care if you are rich or poor, taking someone’s life is not right. People have the right to protect themselves and kill if necessary.

 Our government pretends everyone is equal which is a lie. Sports and music entertainment is what many people use to escape everyday problems and in the sports world black and white people are the closest thing to being equal. We all cheer for the same team. People will never be on the same playing field in this country if the majority group of people oppresses the minority group of people. Black people are tired of police brutality the unfair justice system and decades of mistreatment. We are frustrated in our lives struggling every day and this is the reason why black people didn’t care about if OJ Simpson was guilty or not. He showed America as long you are rich the system can be bought. Some white people have committed more murders than anyone in America and all over the world. The United States government dropped 2 atomic bombs killing God knows how many people. They have beat, rape, lynch and murdered black people. How can we forget Rosewood Florida and Oklahoma, the Black Wall Street where many black owned businesses were destroyed?

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  1. Bob says:

    Man, I don’t know where to start with this. This piece needs some serious editing, first of all. But more importantly, the man murdered 2 people – who in the hell would.consider him a hero, like you ask in the title? Further, you.keep saying he was living in a.whiteans world. I’m a white man and I can assure you the world he was living in was nothing I ever knew! Dude, he was living in a RICH MAN WORLD. There’s a big difference. You assume all white people are rich well come on over to my crib and you can answer the phone when the collectors call and you can fix the shit I can’t afford to fix. Damn, you just keep thinking white people all have money.and live in that fantasy world. You got no clue.

  2. Sandra says:

    The work needs to be edited. The beginning paragraph is captivating. I love the flow but the vibe dime down subsequently.. This should be addressed. @Bob is right. I believe OJ’s life was that of a Rich Man.

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