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October 1, 2017
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There are 32 owners in the NFL and they are the gate keepers of the National Football League. Colin Kaepernick is being black balled without a question. The sports world would be nothing without black people in it. There would be no excitement or entertainment in football or basketball without our great black athletes.

The United States of America was built from slavery for over 400 years. Power is in numbers and unity of all people will conquer any divide. Some white Americans don’t won’t people of any race to unite regardless of color or background.

The NFL majority today is over 70 percent of black players in the National Football League. I feel this protest will only get stronger in due time. I would like to see the veteran players show more leadership and lead a nonviolent protest and show the world that we are not going continue to take this injustice of minority people.

Many of my brothers want to protest but are afraid to stand up because they maybe risking millions of their earned dollars fighting for what’s right.

 I look around the NFL and see there are several teams that could use Colin Kaepernick skills and buy a team time to develop a younger quarterback.  I really respect what Colin Kaepernick is doing. He did not care about the backlash, blackball or millions lost. This young man has real integrity and heart and for me he is a real hero.

Colin Kaepernick is standing up against police brutality and the countless injustice of minorities. I have this question for people who are mad about people kneeling during the national anthem. Why? Majority of this country have never treated minorities with no respect even though we helped made this country rich and powerful. 

These law makers created some laws to keep black people behind and economically struggling.  I am against white supremacy and white privilege. Changes are long over due as our society will only get worst if the majority of America attitude does not change with the mistreatment of minorities.

New laws need to be put in place and crooked police need to get prison sentences for killing and beating minorities. Some of these judges need to be removed from the court system and bared from practicing law because of all the injustice given to minorities.

 The NFL makes billions off the backs of black men that works very hard for their money. They are modern day gladiators. If black people are not doing any form of entertainment what is our worth? We were the first people of the world, the first humans. Every part of history was started by black people. Though we are look down upon and killed daily while crooked police continue to be found not guilty of murder.

 I would like to see all the players strike together and stand for justice until Colin Kaepernick gets a contract by an NFL team. The National Football League has many average white quarterbacks that gets paid millions. While Colin Kaepernick is a qualified quarterback can’t get an average contract.

 I will not lie down from wrong doing. The last question I have for you current and past players, is the money more important than justice?

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